is your web-based, customized and agile dashboard solution for controlling and monitoring your business' digital footprint. For CEOs, CMOs, CIOs, Marketing Managers and online marketing specialists.

Make your digital marketing visible!

flexReports helps you in tackling your digital challenges. flexReports dashboards will enable you, your team and your stakeholders to understand the performance of digital initiatives, campaigns and websites.

flexReports collects and visualizes information that matter to you and suppresses the data noise so that you can take data-driven decisions.

Why is


for you?

Simplicity: flexReports is optimized for simplicity. Additionally, as a web-based cloud solution flexReports is completely maintenance-free.

Scalability: Our platform is highly flexible and enables your flexReports dashboard to evolve with your requirements and your business questions. What starts as a simple dashboard can quickly become a sophisticated digital intelligence solution.

Efficiency: flexReports makes traditional spreadsheet reports come to life! Our visualisations and data tables are updated automagically. This significantly cuts down the time your business spends on reporting.

Our Team Leads

stand for a first-class Digital Intelligence service.

Cesar: The Solution Engineer connects your custom data sources with flexReports.
Gergely: The Data Analyst generates insights based on algorithms and data models and prepares data-driven recommendations for you.
Stefano: The Frontend Engineer provides comprehensible and smooth visualisation components for the user interface.

We connect your

Data Sources


Microsoft Excel, Google Spreadsheets, CSV and more.
Advertising Platforms
Google Adwords, Microsoft Bing, Facebook Ads and more.
Social Media
Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and more.
Web Analytics
Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Piwick and more.
On Premise
Databases, i.e. your CRM, custom feeds and more.

We take care of the integration of your data and take load away from your internal IT department.Our know how with data integration enables us to import data that is hosted locally on your premises and keep it updated in flexReports.

flexReports is

optimized for mobile devices.


flexReports assists your decision-making - anytime and wherever you are. Our dashboards are optimized for smartphones, tablets and desktop devices and always show up-to-date information.