Privacy Policy

flexReports Formulas is a Google Sheets Add-on developed by Webrepublic AG that fetches data from multiple marketing-related data sources into your spreadsheet.


  • The application requires your Google account information (first, last names and email) to identify you and communicate with you.
  • Access to your Google Spreadsheets and Google Drive is required to store data and metadata.
  • The data you request is written to your own Google Spreadsheet.
  • The requested data is not used for any other purposes.
  • In order to get data from the aforementioned data sources we store the required access tokens on our servers.
  • Your personal access tokens are not shared with any other third parties.
  • Data processing and token storage is taking place on our servers hosted by Amazon Web Services.
  • For caching, we temporarily store requested data in a managed service provided by RedisLabs.
  • We do not sell, trade or rent your personal information to third parties.

Data Retention

  • In order to improve performance your data may be cached for up to a maximum of 4 months.
  • Cached data can be removed upon request.


  • All data transfers are performed using SSL encrypted HTTP connections.
  • Authorization for most data sources is done via the OAuth1 or OAuth2 mechanism which does not require you to give us your credentials. Authentication takes place on the site of the data source, providing us with a grant in the form of an access token to retrieve the data on your behalf.
    • You can revoke these grants at any time in the account settings of the respective data source, preventing any further access.
  • The Sistrix and Adobe Analytics data sources do not support the OAuth mechanism, which is why you need to provide an API key, or username and password, respectively.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at