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Digital Business Dashboard

The entrance into digital marketing.

flexReports provides an overview of your website's performance and highlights the most important trends and opportunities.

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Digital Footprint Dashboard

Für CEOs, CMOs, CIOs & Marketing Managers

flexReports provides information about the history of your website(s) and identifies marketing trends and opportunities.

The basic questions in Digital Marketing are answered by flexReports based on your data.

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Online Marketing Cockpit

for CMOs and marketing managers

Provides a full overview of the digital marketing activities for marketing managers. The marketing channel overview for cost, performance and return on investment allows you to assess your marketing initiatives in an impartial way and assists you in optimizing your media mix.

Additionally arbitrary campaigns or projects that are currently in the focus of your organisations can be visualized.

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Search Engine Marketing Monitoring

for marketing managers and digital marketing specialists.

translates search engine advertising (SEA) into comprehensible information and provides a clear view on market trends.

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Lead-to-Revenue (B2B)

for CEOs, CIOs, CMOs and marketing manager

Through Lead-to-Revenue analysys you can assess the value of Digital Marketing for your B2B business. We connect your CRM data with web analytics like Google Analytics and allocate revenue back to digital channels.

Lead-to-Revenue analytics enables you therefore to attribute leads that were converted months after the initial contact

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Social Media Dashboard

for social media managers

measures user interactions on your social media properties (i.e. likes or shares)and connects this information to your social media campaigns and activities.

On top of that flexReports is able to provide real-time information about user interactions with your brandon a global scale. This type of information would then typically be used in a 'Social Media War Room' where specialists react to positive or negative user sentiments.

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eCommerce Dashboard

for CEOs, CIOs, CMOs, marketing & ecommerce managers

visualises ecommerce metrics. flexReports ties generated revenue to your digital marketing campaigns and identifies the revenue drivers amongst your products.

Enhanced eCommerce dashboards combine cost data from paid marketing campaigns, cancellations from the shop system as well as the variable production cost from your ERP and calculates profit contribution metrics and return on investments for your marketing campaigns.

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Reporting Dashboard

for CMOs, marketing manager and digital marketing specialists

flexReports automates your traditional reporting by connecting directly to your marketing systems from where it extracts data periodically. flexReports is strong in providing business context by combining data with comments and interpretations on one single slide.

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Your tailor-made Digital Intelligence Solution

Of course flexReports can be customized according to your requirements. Upon request we also implement new data sources.

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