Use Case

Digital Campaign Management at HWZ - Hochschule für Wirtschaft Zürich

flexReports simplified our campaign management significantly.
Sandra Bornard, Project Manager Digital, HWZ - Hochschule für Wirtschaft Zürich

Starting Position: HWZ would like to assess the impact of their Online Marketing campaigns and optimise the media spend allocation based on data.

Actions: flexReports automagically updates all campaign reports and shows the most important trends for website visitors and marketing channels.


  • improved media spend allocation
  • Introduction of data-driven campaign optimisation process based on recent data.
  • Reduced the time spend on reporting due to automated campaign reporting

HWZ uses flexReports' spreadsheet integration for a quick and easy campaign management and evaluation.
Use Case

Digital Footprint Analysis Dow EMEAI

flexReports by Webrepublic enabled us to showcase our digital initiatives.
Nadja Streckhardt, EMEAI Digital Marketing & Communications Manager, Global Digital Marketing Manager, Dow Pharma & Food Solutions, Dow The Chemical Company

Starting Position: Dow EMEAI would like to increase awareness about the importance of digital marketing activities amongst marketing executives on a global scale and would also like to share the recent successes in digital marketing with them

Actions: Webrepublic implements custom data-driven dashboards that are then made available to executives which so are enabled to follow digital trends and initiatives for Dow EMEAI.


  • Increased awareness amongst Dow executives (cross-functional and cross-business) as well as key stakeholders for the relevance of Digital Marketing at Dow.
  • Accelerated digital transformation process
  • Increased digital marketing budget for Dow EMEAI by 100% in 2015 in comparison with the previous year.

Dow EMEAI publishes data-driven insights and trends from their Digital Marketing through flexReports - internal decision-makers use the dashboard to read up on this information and thus get involved in the corporation-wide digital transformation process.
Use Case

TV Impact Analysis

flexReports enabled us to demonstrate the impact of TV advertising on the digital user behaviour.

Starting Position: The TV media budget constitutes a big share on the total advertising budget of a big ecommerce pure player. Difficulties in measurability of TV advertising constitute a significant business risk.

Actions: Webrepublic imports TV media plan data and combines it with Web Analytics data. Based on this setup the TV impact report is generated and kept up-to-date for the marketing managers who canaccess this information in flexReports' web-based dashboard.


  • Always up-to-date information about the impact of TV spots on website visitors.
  • The TV advertising budget is adapted to reflect the insights gained through flexReports.

The TV impact analysis considers information about website traffic as well as information from the tv media plan. The correlation analysis includes multiple slides.